Weather Password Protection

Quite a cloudy day with windy weather so i am better inside house rather outside where the chance of getting wet or dusty in rain and storm is higher and upto negligible inside unless it finds a passage to get inside.

Well don’t worry i am not a weather expert nor do i want to narrate about weather forecast outside my house but here is the deal of today’s technology where login it to any system whether it’s a Communicating channels ( like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram ), Knowledge channels ( like Youtube “for me still a more of listening songs” , Coursera ), Earning Channels ( like Paypal, Net Banking ), Entertainment Channels ( like Netflix, Soundcloud ) and so on with many others.

If only one can suppose to be having account in these platforms it will be around minimum of 7 common platforms where all will be registered and have an account, to manage these account one needs to have a username/email password for each one of the platform and keeping the password unique with each and every platform is not an easy task for a person having multiple accounts in multiple fields and with the hacker all around the world finding loopholes in even the top most platforms like recent Twitter hack it quite clear that one has to be quite attentive regarding making it unique and still finding it easy to learn as keeping the sensitive information like login/password online can be risky with the advancement of technologies.

So as i said earlier it’s rainy and stormy outside but if i keep myself inside the house i may get away from all the outside turbulence, same thing can be applied in our passwords safety as they are most sensitive of all but if you can find a pattern to save it inside your head that can make it safe until you don’t rant it out yourself as the hacker currently don’t have the equipment to look inside brain yet :)

Stay tuned with us for more do give your views and if you have any suggestions for us do drop it below, by the way until i can complete this one it’s raining here now.

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